VIFF 2014 is just around the corner!

Soon it’s this time of the year again: From September 25 – October 10, 2014, the Vancouver International Film Festival will screen almost 350 of the world’s finest films from more than 70 different countries. Also some German films are part of this great selection:

BelovedSistersBeloved Sisters (Die geliebten Schwestern)
The film “Beloved Sisters” – 2014, 171 min., directed by Dominik Graf – tells the story of the writer Friedrich Schiller’s love triangle with the Lengefeld sisters. At this year’s Bavarian Film Awards, it received the best cinematography award.

Screenings: Saturday, Oct 4, 8:30 pm, IN09
Thursday, Oct 9, 12:00 pm, CENT

PhoenixPhoenix, 2014, 110 min, directed by Christian Petzold
Berlin in 1945. After having survived the concentration camp with a disfigured face, Nelly undergoes reconstructive surgery before trying to find her husband back. She finds him, but assuming that Nelly is dead he does not recognize her. However, since she looks for him very similar to his wife, he proposes to her – having a plan in mind to use her for claiming Nelly’s inheritance.

Screenings: Friday, Oct 3, 9 pm, SFU
Tuesday, Oct 7, 4 pm, SFU

StationsOfTheCrossStations of the Cross (Kreuzweg), 2014, 107 min.
In 14 chapters – representing the different stations of the Cross, the key scenes of Christ’s suffering and death, which a devoted catholic Christian has to meditate upon – Dietrich Brueggemann’s film tells the story of the teenage protagonist Maria whose perspective of being Christian becomes more and more fanatical.

Screenings: Friday, Sep 26, 12 pm, VCT
Saturday, Oct 4, 6 pm, IN09
Sunday, Oct 5, 11 pm, IN08

Get your tickets and enjoy! :)

Unser neuer Newsletter ist da!

Liebe AhornTV-Interessierten,

hier ist unser neuer Newsletter September 2014 – 02. Es gibt wieder einige Neuigkeiten zu berichten. Falls ihr unseren Newsletter gern regelmäßig ins Postfach bekommen möchtet, ist das jetzt eure Chance, ihn zu abonnieren!

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Anschauen! :)


New episode online: Wacken Open Air 2014

25 years of the biggest Metal Festival in the world – the Wacken Open Air – were celebrated in 2014. And AhornTV was there!

Every year the small village in Schleswig-Holstein turns into a huge party of metalheads. Bands like Motörhead, Slayer and many more rocked the stages – and 75.000 music lovers had the greatest time of their year.

People from all over the world come every year to visit the so called “Holy Land” of Wacken. The festival is well-known in the metal scene.

It is an honour for metal bands to play on one of the eight stages.
The Canadian metal band “Mutank” was lucky to play there. They took part in the Wacken Metal Battle in which unlabeled bands from different countries compete against each other. The Spanish band “In Mute” won this year.

In the end, there is only one thing left to say:

Enjoy! :)