Prepare your car for Winter Driving Condition!

Our first show of the new year 2013 is also the first show in our new format recorded in our new studio! We start with one of the TOP issues of this time of the year: “How to prepare your car for winter driving?”.

We invited Officer Falke from the Vancouver Police Department. He tells us how to prepare our motor vehicle for winter driving condition: How to check the cooling system, the washer fluid, and wheels and tires. When is the right time to change the tires?

He further emphasizes the importance of being ready for an emergency and shows how to prepare an emergency kit for the car. It may be essential in order to survive a night in the car in winter to have: a shovel, a flashlight, blankets, a power cord, a battery charger, gloves, tools and food!

Learn about these and several other crucial topics regarding winter safety in traffic! Watch our newest episode here!

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