CO2 Emissions

Trends in Carbon Dioxide

In our latest AhornTV episode we talked to Greenhouse Gas Accountant Svend Andersen about CO2 emissions and how the global warming and climate change works. This graph shows how the level of CO2 in our atmosphere increased during the last 50 years measured at the Mauna Loa observatory on Hawaii.

We are at a critical stage right now as the level of CO2 is at 394.28 ppm (parts per million) right now and a level of about 420 ppm is seen as the point of no return.

To find out more about the development on CO2 emissions and to understand what “parts per million” exactly means visit the page of the NOAA Research

You can also visit the site of GHG Accounting if you want to decrease your CO2 emissions and as well use their CO2 widget to display the current CO2 level in our atmosphere on your website.

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